Bad Customer Service (Funny)

Super awesome funny audio sketch that perfectly captures what it is like to try to deal with customer service when something breaks. Hilarious!

When Charitable Giving Goes Wrong

First of all, let me just say for the record that my husband and I give a lot of money to charity and try to help the planet and the people on it as best we can.  We donate to the food pantry in our area, we sponsor a child in China (and have for about ten years), we donate to political causes that we believe in, I have an electric vehicle to try to help the environment, we regularly take stuff to Goodwill or other charities, and so on.   We also make one-time donations to help with disaster relief in specific areas.  Charity is actually a big part of our lives, and it’s great!  We love being able to do whatever we can to help.

Sometimes, though, we notice that charities will sell their mailing lists/ phone lists, and this just seems straight-up gross to me.  I understand that everyone has to do what it takes to raise money, but I kind of feel like “be a good charity, do a good job, help people, change people’s lives, and people will notice you and help.”  I know, this is kind of a naïve way to see it, but I do not like it when people call me, sometimes at night and on the weekends, to just blatantly hit me up for money on behalf of a charity I have never even heard of and don’t even know is real.  I’m sure everyone feels this way, I think I just happen to object to it a little more because, like I said, we already give a lot to charity, and I kind of feel like it sucks when an organization we gave money to is like “Here, call them….they are always good for a buck.”

Anyhow, back to the story.  Today the phone rang, and it was an LA number I didn’t recognize.  I picked it up (even though it’s Sunday) because we used to live in LA, so it was not implausible that someone from there could be calling.  The woman on the phone said “Is Rachel there?”

My name is not Rachel, and my husband’s name is not Rachel.  I know three people named Rachel, and there is no way their numbers could have been mistaken for mine.   I’m thinking this is going to be a pretty short “You have the wrong number” phonecall, so I’m like “Sorry, wrong number.”

Then there was a long pause, and the woman said “Maybe you can help me, then….I am seeking donations for “X charity”…..can we send you some materials and put you down for a donation?”

Gross, right?   SHE WASN’T CALLING FOR RACHEL AT ALL.  She probably uses that line on everyone, and now I’m not only mad, I kind of want to tell her off and ask her if her charity is even a real charity.   I let her finish her whole schpiel, though, and because I am trying not to yell at people as much, I just said “Thank you, but I can’t condone this kind of obvious phone solicitation,” then blocked her number.


This is the kind of thing that gives me stress acne if I think about it too much.  How did I get on that list?   Does that work on anyone?   Should I have gotten some more information from her and then reported her to some kind of charity watchdog organization?